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Hanoi Amsterdam Highschool
Hanoi - Amsterdam High School

50 Nam Cao St., Giang Vo, Badinh, Hanoi

Phone: (+84-4) 8463096, 8463666
Fax: (+84-4) 8463666

Our School

July 1987: International Math Olympiad in Cuba
1. Pham Trieu Duong - Gold Medal
2. Phan Phuong Dat - Gold Medal

International Physics Olympiad in Germany
1. Nguyen Son Tung - Runner Up
2. Hoang To

Russian Olympics
1. Pham Thanh Xuan - Gold Medal
2. Dang Ngoc Hung - Gold Medal
3. Vo Viet Phong - Gold Medal

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For many years, investing in material facilities has been a major concern of the school administration. Via various sources of finance, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School has built a system of modern, spacious class-rooms and laboratories to serve its students

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Hanoi-Amsterdam High School consists of two levels:
The lower secondary level: Each year, Hanoi-Amsterdam High School selects abled students for its 6th grade. For four years, teachers will help these students improve their morals and academic abilities to pass the entrance exam into Hanoi-Amsterdam's 10th grade

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In the turbulent days of 1972, when US B52 air fighters were bombarding Hanoi, citizens of Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands) were filled with worry and wished to express their sympathy and support to the Hanoian people.

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Who is Who at our school

 An interview with a passionate and devoted teacher (21-2-05)
  Teacher Do Van Thai is the form and Literature teacher of the literature gifted class (LGC), class year 02-05. Nineteen years working for Hanoi-Amsterdam High School with thirty-four years of experience, a teacher who has left a remark into generations of HN-Amsterdam students' heart his passionate devotion to the school and to the students, to pass o­n the love for literature to the students. "Learn to be a human, learn to live better"

 Interview Dinh Vu Trang Ngan (29-1-06)
  Having heard about her for long, I finally had a chance to meet Dinh Vu Trang Ngan (A1 95-98) during my visit to Boston recently. Agile, joyful, caring and enthusiastic, she is truly what I had imagined. Ngan has a long record of academic and extracurricular achievements, including her excellent performance at Hanoi Amsterdam high school, her involvement at The Pacific Ocean Youth Meeting in Japan and her full-ride scholarship to attend Bates College.

News from our school

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