A great opportunity to connect to Duke students

Hi everyone,

I am forwarding this letter from an English professor at Duke University. He is currently teaching a course on Vietnamese culture and needs some Vietnamese volunteers to exchange emails with the American students in his class to help them have a more thorough insides of Vietnamese education, culture and lifestyles. I think this is great chance for you to test your knowledge of Vietnam, get to know some new American friends and have a first impression of the American college's life which will prepare you against culture shock in the future. Last but not least, this might an important piece of additional information to your application if you plan to apply to Duke
(which you should :D) (Btw if you have no idea what the hell Duke is, check this link: http://www.usnews.com/usnews/edu/college/directory/brief/drglance_2920_brief.php
or www.duke.edu )

If you are interested, just drop down your email address here or send it straight to Eric at eharms@duke.edu and you will be contacted soon,



Chao cac ban Viet Nam,

My name is Erik Harms, and I teach a course on Vietnamese culture and society to
students at Duke University in the USA. I would like to invite some of my
students to share email conversations with young Vietnamese students so they
can learn more about Vietnam.

If you are interested in practicing your English and teaching American students
about Vietnam, please send me an email. I will introduce you to some students
here in the US.

Thank you rat nhieu and Cam on very much,

Erik Harms


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