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This is from my own perspective. Feel free to critize it :) , or add some more information that you think might be helpful for those students who are applying this year. HOT colleges are in bold.

* Williams - In my opinion, Williams doesnot pay to much attention to the SAT score, rather it considers that application as a whole. And that makes it very difficult to get into. Williams has been accepting VNese students for two years. No supp essay, use commonapp, it should have a default spot on your list. SAT 2

* Amherst - its difficult supplemental essay has seemingly been an unconquerable obstacle for a lot of us. But it is open.

* Swarthmore - it is time for some more VNese students, rite (sis My? :D ) Traditional supp esaay: Why Swarthmore?

* Middlebury - has long had the tradition of accepting at least 1 VNese student a year. Traditional supp essay ;)

* Vassar College - good school, no VNese students yet, need-based, a very good target

* Grinnell - will NOT reject you if your SAT score is higher than 1350 and a good essay, but the financial burden you are left with is PAINFUL.

* Wesleyan - 2 per year, as you have probably known. For those who are in America right now: it has more favor of students in VN.

* Davidson College - if you can handle its heavy load of supplemental essays, this college is worth considering.

* Colgate Univ. - my school, the NEW president has made it clear that she is committed to develop more diversity here. A weird supp essay, but overall, its application form is not very challeging. Don't worry about its SAT2 requirement, you can get over it. However, SAT 2 would greatly increase your chance

* Colby - waitlisted me last year, may accept more.

* Hamilton - has long been considered to have an AGGRESSIVE policy against intl students.

* Bates College - very low chance, already accepted a VNese student last year.

* Oberlin College - same as Lafayette

* Macalester - same as Middlebury ???

* Mt Holyoke - will offer some places as it has always done in the past few years.

* Bucknell - may accept you, but it doesnot seem to be a generous school.

* Lafayette College - it will be surprising if it does not accept any VNese student this year - good SAT score, well written essay: you are in.

* U of the South - one of the best LACs in the South, no VNese students yet, accepted me last year - full scholarship ( SAT > 1400 will definitely give you one spot).

* Connecticut College ???

* Rhodes College - though it often leaves you with at least USD $5000, this school is a very good choice.

* Franklin and Marshall - accepted Vnese students last year ( I don't know how many) but some did not matriculate. May accept more this year.
Chỉnh sửa cuối:
Hamilton: accepted one xchange student this year :)

Girls, if u , ehe`m :mrgreen:, dont feel like dying w/o boys, give it a shot @ Smith & Mt.Holyoke.

Illinois Wesleyan -OH: easiest app. ever.... dont apply if u cannot afford at least 10k/year. (nice pool and athletic facilities)

Bowdoin: like Bates.... for staminal people (i cant stand the coldness there) -- hard to get into also... Mostly 90% white... no diversity.

U. Wisconsin - Madison : great uni., tough to get into, even offers a VNmese course (hehe, sorry u cant take this), very limited aid, dont know if they have admitted any VNmese kids... it's worth a try though :)

Reed - Oregon: really worth trying, though u have to take SAT II. Limited aid though.
very liberal school.

Wellesley-- again, call on girls' intention: Boys in Boston area are not that bad... plus, the admission officer was born in Vietnam :D

CUNY & CSU, New York : tons of VNmese there ;) Not expensive, partial scholarship.

Polytechnic, NY: accepted 2 VNmese this year. Have honors program, provide full tuition scholarship for those talented (engineering, bio....)

hmm....will post later if i come across anything else
... more

Washington and Lee : This school is indeed very good, but it doesnot seem to be generous (often leaves you with room and board), high SAT score would not guarantee you a place here (from my experience :( )

Ohio Wesleyan : A good school, often gives you full tuition scholarship, have been accepting A LOT of Vnese students in the recent year.

Berea College : has been considered to be a rising college by US News, this school provides ONE full tuition scholarship a year.

Trinity College : has not accepted Vnese students for years. Hartford is a city, BIG city.

Barnard College: accepted one last year. This is an all-boy school. Consider it seriously if you can live without girls. :D

Lake Forest: You don't have to pay anything, as it will offer you BIG loan ( my friend is left with 14k I think).
Chỉnh sửa cuối:
Barnard, originally part of Columbia University, is a women college :)
and so is Vassar (I think.)
And I don't think Hartford is too big, unless you want to include Springfield then the two combined are of ok size.
btw, how high is high for the SAT? Of course, 1500-1600 is high, but would you consider 1300 high? or 1350? or 1400?
Give Amherst a shot. Not need-blind in admission, but extremely generous to accepted students. New president is pro-diversity.

Reed is cool. Intellectually stimulating, pot-on-campus kinda liberal, challenging. About 10 Full-rides for internationals avail. annually. Don't know about first-years, but SAT/ACT is all you need as a transfer. Been there, seen that. Great school and not so hard to get in statistically. Stupid assholes @ USNews rank it in tier 2, but all who know can tell you that it's up there with all the top LACs.
It's true, SAT/ACT are more important to first-years. Many schools don't require standardized test scores of transfers. College GPA is more important. That creates a dilemma, however. Since you need to build strong enough a college profile for it to really matter. Say you've been at a college for only half semester then apply to transfer, chances are schools you apply to wouldn't regard your GPA very highly, even though you score straight A's. One semester is simply not enough. In that case, SAT/ACT, though optional, help, provided they are of competitive range. It is, therefore, judging from my exp, advisable to apply in your second year (after you have finished one year of college.)

Transfers do get aids. Certain schools don't fund transfers or fund limitedly, but Amherst does it fully, so do Middlebury, Bates, Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth (not need-blind.) Reed gives scholarships to intls as I said. May want to look @ UChicago also. It's like Reed. and believe it or not getting into UChicago might not be so hard as getting into top-notch LAC's. Northwestern, subsequently, should be a possibility, too. I know internationals who have succeeded in their attempts.

Good luck shopping.
Moi the ma cung cool a :D
May bon ko submit den US News mot nam, den nam sau la hau nhu phai submit het vi so applications nam ko submitted giam nhieu ;)

Reed thi liberal qua'... hehe, hoc sinh o day hoc chac trau ko kem Swat, hehe...

Hinh nhu applications cua Reed hoi giong midd, bat nop 3 essays thi phai (1 cai common app, mot cai supplement, mot cai class writing trong nam)

Lewis&Clark (OR) cung rat hay, nhung hinh nhu chua thay VN nao o day thi phai.
Ngoai ra quen ko mention St. Lawrence (NY), nam vua roi vua nhan mot chi truong minh ngay xua thi phai :) Chung no cung cho nhieu aid phet :D (doan the :D)

Oberlin nua chu nhi ;) Truong tot the ma lai cho nhieu $ nua :D


Thread này ổn quá.
Anh Long cho em hỏi với. Uchicago chính sách với freshman có như anh nói ko ạ. Northwestern ko cho aid freshman intl thì phải.
cái này lấy từ site của UChicago. Ngày xưa cũng định apply vào đây nên biết cái này.

Financial Aid for International Applicants
Chicago supports a number of its most highly qualified international applicants who have requested and demonstrated financial need. This past year, we offered support ranging from $8,500 to $41,000 to 39 of our most highly-qualified international applicants. This support totaled $739,000. We consider need for assistance as we review international applications, and applying for financial aid places you in an extremely competitive applicant pool. We advise you to apply for financial aid only if you do not have the resources to fund your education.

Northwestern thì hình như đúng là không cho intl students tiền nhưng mình lại biết có một cậu ngày xưa được nó hứa cho :) chẳng hiểu thế nào nữa. có lẽ phải là exceptional individual, ai ở đây phải thì cứ thử phát nhé.

Ở UChicago có Trang Ngân, ngày xưa học Anh Ams trước mình một khóa và một chị nữa tên Hường đang học. Ai định xin vào thì thử liên lạc xem.
Những national univ không phải là không thể vào được. Nhiều khi LACs còn khó vào hơn nhiều. Mọi người cứ thử hết cả đống Ivy League xem, bọn này nhiều tiền, nhất là Harvard, Yale, Princeton. Cornell và Brown thì từ kinh nghiệm bản thân cho thấy là chúng nó cho ít tiền, ngay cả khi đã được admit. Đừng để cho mấy cái tên to nó làm mình sợ :) Mình xin được fee waiver cơ mà, tội gì mà không làm bừa :D
snobbish, second-rate but overrated school, nothing good with the exception of being relatively close to the few precious Vietnamese res in the area :D
hehe, đùa tí, good school, not too well-known in anything, but considered good for everything. Same scence as other typical LACs: white rich kids, drinking parties and pot (I guess :lol: )