Oil price

There are lots of important things which are happening all over the world, and a large number of those things are big problems. Some of them are man-made problems like over population; some of them are nature problems such as Tsunami or bird flu… In my opinion, oil price is one of the most important things at this moment.

As you know, the oil price is increasing very fast. In June 2005 it has came to the price 60 dollars per barrel, as expensive as it was in 1990s. Some finance specialists said that it could go to 100 dollars per barrel. If it happens, the oil price will break its record in 1981, when the oil price had gone up to 94 dollars per barrel. At this time, I think everybody will have to accept with me that oil is as expensive as gold. Oil is golden liquid now!

There are many reasons leading up to this problem. The oil price in 1990s went to the top because of the wars. Nowadays, the reason is that Middle Eastern countries don’t want to sell too much oil. These countries are the biggest oil suppliers, and they have 2/3 oil wells of the world. But these are not very peaceful places; they destroyed lots of oil wells, instead of finding new ones. The higher the oil price is, the richer they become. I surely believe that if oil price continues going up, it will lead to very terrible things like oil war or something like that.

This huge problem is very hard to solve, but I think that we have to solve it as fast as we can. Maybe we have to find out other energy sources like solar energy or wind energy. We need something to run our machines!

(the pic from http://www.geointelligence.org)


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“What's the point in talking about oil prices? The conclusion is unclear, and when saying, "there are many reasons leading up to this problem", the essay mentioned only one, which is not even a reason… Overall, this essay is very insignificant and does not carry any main theme except stating a fact that oil is expensive.

“Lack of discussions and arguments.”

“This essay is not very strong in terms of argumentation. I also have a feeling that Trung has not spent too much effort in this essay”