What to bring to college?

Mấy hôm nay có nhiều em hỏi anh về vấn đề này, đây là general list of what to bring to college (mostly for guys, and i assume that the college is located in a cold - climate state). Remember you only wash your clothes once a week or even every two weeks so plan accordingly.

1. Jeans: Americans wear jeans 60-70% of the time, bring at least 3 pairs of jeans with you. You can, of course, save your money and buy jeans in the states (more stylish I suppose). A normal pair of jeans (AE, Gap) is about 30 usd, more expensive brand (Abercrombie, Guess, Express,...) about 60-70 usd
2. Suit: to wear to formal events and parties.
3. Traditional clothes (ao dai khan quan): I never wore it but it might come in handy
4. T-shirt: feel free to bring a ton to wear at home or to classes, if you want to buy in the states, most of them cost 10-20 usd (even brand names)
5. Shirts: 3,4. Price in the states: 30-40 usd
5. Khakis: 1,2 pairs should be enough
6. Shorts: 2,3. Price in the states: 20-30 usd. I do think they look better here and recommend buying them here.
7. Shoes: 2,3 pair, bring 1 to go to the gym and 1 to wear with the suit, 1 boot to wear in the snow. FYI, they cost 30-50usd here (Adidas, Nike, Converse,...)
8. Flipflop (or slipper): dep xo ngon, wear to bathroom or even to classes, I recommend buying them here, no sandals.
8. Sweaters: 2,3. Price 30-50 usd
9. Sweatshirts: These are probably the second most used clothing item in the US, you can buy them here (20-30 USD). Warm, versatile: wear to gym and in the snow.
10. Jacket or coat: 2 lightweight, 2 heavy (not extremely heavy though), the winter here is not that cold, and you are better off wearing many layers. I never wore my heavy jackets that I bought in Vietnam. If you want to buy in the states, they cost 40-100 usd.
11. Swimsuit: buy in the states because here they don't wear speedo (you will see what im talking about). Girls: bring your bikinis :p (1 piece is so last century, you will find yourself out-of-place, really :D)
12. Umbrella(small).
13. Scarf, hat, gloves (1,2 each)
The usual underwears, socks (7-8). Remember you only wash once a week or even every two weeks so plan accordingly.

Personal hygiene
11. Bath towels (4,5)- 3usd in the states
12. Shampoo, toothbrushes(2,3), toothpaste, soap, deodorant...: 1 should be enough
13. Gilette Razors (really expensive here), nail cutter
14. Medicine

15. A hell lot of pens (really, bring at least 50)
16. Some pencils, probably a stapler, scissors, dictionary, backpack, messenger bag(tui cheo),day planner(pocket calendar), a multifunction Swiss knife(if you can find it- should have screwers, knife, bottle opener, ...), playing cards (3 usd here :( )
17. Calculator
18. No notebook (they are too heavy, plus you will use a different type here), no blank cds(cheap here)
19. Illegal (pirated) softwares, music, movies.
20. Alarm clock (if you dont plan to get a cell phone).

21. Photo album, Vietnamese flags, Vietnamese traditional items
22. Batteries, digital camera(no film), extra pair of glasses (or contact lenses)- cost a lot here
23. Did i mention MONEY (2k minimum) and a vietnamese credit card (emergency ;) )
24. Food - I never brought any though

Your room
25. Bedding items are not expensive in the states, usually 30-50 usd for a blanket, 20 usd for sheets and pillow cases. Don't bring blankets, they take too much space.
26. A bowl for noodles (very important B-)), 1,2 plastic cup, chopsticks
27. Decoration items, don't bring a lot though
28. Clothes hangers, sewing kits (for your feminine side), picture of your girl/boy friend and uncle Ho.

Stuff I might forget:
None right now, but I might add more.

What not to bring:

I believe all other items you can either buy very cheap in the states, probably even cheaper than VN or never need it. They might include: iron, hair dryer, (all electrical items), vietnamese books (go to VNthuquan.net), manga (use bittorrent or emule), phones, tv, detergent, vcd players, mp3 players, lamps, headphones, cars, picture of your girl/boy friend, a closed mind ...
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Having a sandals is fine, my chinese friend has one.
Em đang muốn mang đôi dép tổ ong đi cho bọn bạn ở Mỹ dược triêm ngưỡng :D
It's recommended that you bring sport's outfits in oder to work out every week simply because you should do so to lóe weights. Personally I put on 17 pounds after my first sermester. :-??

Medicines in case you party too hard and get sick with all the alcohols <:p

A personal case or folder to organize your paper works especially if you are going to join a fraternity or sorority 0:)