Word Smart-- abbreviations

Duoi day la list cua mot so tu viet tat thong dung, em lay nguon tu Word Smart cua Princeton review:

ACT -- This used to stand fỏ "american college testing" Now it doesn't stand for anything -- "ACT" means "ACT"
ASAP -- (Cai nay ai cung biet) As soon as possible
Assn. -- association
Assoc. - associates
asst. -- assistant
ATM -- automated teller machine
attn. -- to the attention of
aux. -- auxiliarry
AWOL -- absent without leave
B.A. -- bachelor of Arts
BMOC -- big man on campus
B.S. -- Bachelor of Science
BW -- black and white
C-- Celcius, centigrade
c/o -- in care of
cc -- cubic centimeter, carbon copy
CD -- certificate of Deposit
CD -- compact disc
CEEB -- college entrance examination board
cf. [Latin --Confer) See also
CO -- commanding officer
Co. -- Company
COD -- cash on delivery
CPA -- certificate public accountant
CPU -- central processing unit
CRT-- cathode ray tube
DA -- district attorney
db -- decibels
D.D.S. -- Doctor of Dental Science
DI -- drill instructor
DJ --disk jockey
D.D.M. -- doctor of Dental Medicine
DOA -- dead on arrival
DUI -- driving under the influence

--to be continued (if desired)
post tiep ne`...

DWI -- driving while intoxicated
e.g. latin-- Exempli gratia
EKG-- electrocardiogram
EP-- extended-play record
ESP -- extrasensory perception
et al. latin --et alii -- and others
et seq. latin -- et sequens -- and following
ETA -- estimated time of arrival
F -- Fahrenheit
FF -- Fred Flintstone
ff. -- and following pages
FYI -- for your information
GI -- government issue
i.e. Latin -- Id est -- that is
ibid -- latin -- ibidem -- in the same place
inc -- incorporated
IV -- intravenous
LP -- long-playing record
LPG-- liquefied petroleum gas
MC -- master of ceremonies
M.D. -- doctor of medicine
MIA -- missing in action
MS -- manuscript
M.S. master of science

MVP -- most valuable player
op. cit. --latin--opere citato-- in the work previously cited
OS-- operating system
OUI -- operating under the influence
p. page
PA -- Public address
PIN-- Personal identification number
POW-- prisoner of war
pp. --pages
QED -- LATIN-- quod erat demonstrandum -- which was to be demonstrated
R&D -- research and development
RGB -- red-green--blue
RSVP -- french--répondez s'il vous plait -- pls reply
SWAK--seal with a kiss
TCB -- taking care of business
TLC -- tender loving care
viz. -- latin--videlicet-- namely