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H-A-O, UK would like to invite you and your partners/ friends to our coolest and funniest Xmas and New Year party ever. Dress to impress and bring yourself to enjoy the most unforgettable “Night Fever” with lots of fun, lots of laugh and lots of interactive activities.

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On the occasion of the International Women's Day, o­n the behalf of H-A-O and E-HAO, we - all male staff of E-HAO Board of News are grateful to congraturate and wish all female H-A-O members the best.

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 Greeting to all the energetic Amsers!!!! Like you all have known, the Martial Arts Club of HAO had been organized for a year now. All through last year, the club had had many exciting and meaningful activities, attract a lot of attentions from students inside and outside of our school. Right now, to satisfy the needs of all martial-art fans, HAO Martial Arts Club had decided to publish a martial arts magazine inside the school as well as organizing a friendly Karate Tournament.

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 In the spirit of welcoming a new year, o­n the behalf of H-A-O we wish you happiness, luckiness and many successes in the coming year.

Looking back the previous year, we are surely proud of what HAO has done in 2005. Many activities have organised through H-A-O website. A few can be named are H-A-O writing contest (in Vietnamese): ‘Gift of time’, E-HAO writing contest (in English) ‘Where dreams begin’, E-HAO English Games, Miss H-A-O 2005, H-A-O Football Tournament, etc...

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Since … forever, football has been known as the king of sports, with millions of fans around the world playing and watching it. And of course, male members of H-A-O are not much different, they love it.

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Being founded in the same year, Hanoi – Amsterdam high school and Natural Science high school have long been the two competitive rivals in the field of science contest. Because of many reasons, those competitions were more and more rarely held and the students of both schools lost a chance to demonstrate their ability. It was recently however, the Physics Forum had organized the Vietnamese Physics Cup contest for all high school students in the nation

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